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Current Inventory

CAT 305.5 Excavator

Thumb, Smooth Edge Bucket, Tooth Bucket, Ditching Bucket and Hoe Ram Available. 5.5 Tonne, 78” Wide.

CAT 309 Excavator

Rototilt equipped, Smooth Edge Bucket, Tooth Bucket, Grapple and Grade Beam Available. 10 Tonne, 104” Wide

CAT 259 Skidsteer

Pallet Forks, Bucket, Grade Plane, Hydraulic Snow Plow available. 66” Wide

CAT D3 Bulldozer

Designed to optimize speed, transportability, maneuverability, versatility and finish grading accuracy. 104" Wide

Tri Axle Dump truck

Swing Tailgate and Asphalt Chute allowing for uses on any job site.

Tractor Trailer 55 Ton Float

Carry multiple pieces of heavy equipment on long hauls or from job site to job site at a competitive price.

Tractor Trailer Live Bottom

Use the horizontal rear discharge conveyor system to pushes material out of the back of the trailer at a controlled pace.

Tandem Hook Lift

Flat Deck and Dump Box with Swing Gate/Asphalt Chute Available

12 Ton Goose Neck Float

Haul more weight with greater stability because of the hitch positioning over the rear axel of the truck.

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