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Transform Your Yard in The Ottawa Valley With Armour Stone

Our tools, equipment and highly trained staff allow us to specialize in rock work and armour stone. Whether you’re looking for improved landscaping, a large retaining wall or a stunning staircase we can help. We build our walls to last a lifetime! They start with an aggregate base, compaction, filter cloth behind the wall, clear stone and drainage to ensure the investment will last.

Recent Armour Stone Ottawa Projects

We have completed a wide range of armour stone projects across the Ottawa area. From master stair cases to walls that help with grade changes and slopes. Armour stone is also visually appealing and increase your property value, WRC has you covered. Visit our gallery page for more pictures of our armour stone and rock work.

The #1 Place for Retaining Walls & Stairs in Ottawa

WRC specializes in overhauling your yard from start to finish. This includes stunning retaining walls and stairs. You have the choice of Natural Armour Stone or Engineered Concrete Products. Here’s how the process works.


We start by excavating the base for the wall. Removing any topsoil or unsuitable soil, before installing the granular base for the armour stone to be placed on.

Site Preparation & Grading

Once all the excess material is removed, we install a laser leveled, compacted granular base. The most important step in building a wall that will last, is in the base/footing.


When it comes to materials, we have everything needed to complete your job in stock at the WRC Landscape Depot.


Last but not least, we construct your retaining walls and stairs. This boost curb appeal will last a lifetime and is a great talking point for any visitors!

Why Armour Stone is the Best Option For Your Landscaping Needs

Armour Stone is a natural quarry rock that is large in size. It usually comes in a uniform rectangular shapes that are perfect for landscaping projects. There are many benefits to using it for your home or business project!
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Customized Look

The stones come in a number of sizes which means we can customize our work to your yard. This ensures a unique and stunning look every time.
retaining wall


Our stone is drilled and blasted out of the ground from Ontario Quarries. There is nothing more durable. There is nothing more durable than Canadian Shield for your retaining wall.
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Appeal Boost

We can take an average yard and make it look outstanding. Armour stone adds property value and aesthetics by creating armour stone walls, steps or culvert ends.
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Improved Drainage

Flooding is becoming more common in the Ottawa area. We help divert water away from your home and towards your drainage system.

WRC Contracting Is Your Armour Stone Expert in the Ottawa Valley

As a family run business from the Ottawa area, we take pride in the work we do. The majority of our work comes from word of mouth from members of our community that love our work and our company values. We can’t wait to show you the WRC Contracting difference with your next armour stone project!